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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Definitions for stygian

  1. [Often capitalized] Of or pertaining to the river Styx, the principal river of the underworld in Greek mythology; hence, hellish; infernal.
  2. Dark and dismal.

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Citations for stygian
Although accounts vary, that vision, both sublime and ominous, helped give birth to "Metropolis," a cinematic landmark set in a teeming, towering city of the future, an automated, urban sprawl where the wealthy live up in the heavens and the laborers toil in the steaming, Stygian depths. James Verniere, Boston Herald
This month NASA has selected two proposals for a mission to that tiny frozen world 3.5 billion miles away. There, the Sun is just a small stab of light in the Stygian blackness. Ian Brown, Independent
Origin of stygian
Stygian is from Latin Stygius, from Greek Stygios, from Styx, Styg-, "Styx."