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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Definitions for lumpen

  1. Of or relating to dispossessed and displaced individuals, especially those who have lost social status.
  2. Common; vulgar.
  3. A member the underclass, especially the lowest social stratum.

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Citations for lumpen
. . .an academic sweatshop where underpaid lumpen intellectuals slave for a pittance. Ashlea Ebeling, Forbes
If traditionally cricket has been the game of the elite, and football strictly for the lumpen masses, all that's changed now. Louisa Buck, ArtForum
Origin of lumpen
Lumpen is from German Lumpenproletariat, "degraded stratum of the proletariat," from Lump, "a contemptible person" (from Lumpen, "rags") + Proletariat, "proletariat," from French.