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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Definitions for complement

  1. Something that fills up or completes.
  2. The quantity or number required to make up a whole or to make something complete.
  3. One of two parts that complete a whole or mutually complete each other; a counterpart.

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Citations for complement
He was four years older than Lewis, whom he had once commanded in the army; less formally educated, but with more practical experience and a steadier yet more outgoing personality -- a friend, but also a perfect complement in both training and temperament to the man who was inviting Clark to make history with him. Dayton Duncan, Lewis & Clark
There was also a tennis court, a riding stable, a five-car garage, and a full complement of servants. Carol Felsenthal, Citizen Newhouse
Origin of complement
Complement is from Latin complementum, from complere, "to fill up," from com- (intensive prefix) + plere, "to fill."
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