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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Definitions for untoward

  1. Not favorable or fortunate; adverse.
  2. Improper; unseemly.
  3. Hard to guide, work with, or control; unruly.

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Citations for untoward
If a candidate drug outperforms a placebo in two independent studies, and if it does so without untoward side effects, the FDA will approve it for use. Gary Greenberg, Mother Jones
During the trip, I was virtually alone with my unarmed driver for long stretches in places where officials in the capital of Sana'a had told me abductions were likely. Yet nothing untoward happened. Robert D Kaplan, Columbia Journalism Review
Origin of untoward
Untoward comes from un- + Middle English toward, from Old English toweard, "facing, imminent," from to, "to" + -weard, "-ward."