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Monday, May 30, 2005

Definitions for dissemble

  1. To hide under a false appearance; to hide the truth or true nature of.
  2. To put on the appearance of; to feign.
  3. To conceal the real fact, motives, intention, or sentiments under some pretense; to assume a false appearance; to act the hypocrite.

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Citations for dissemble
He was an open, candid personality who did not dissemble his thoughts, and the public respected him as a politician who was unusual in the sincerity of his views Robin Cook, Independent
However, like that little Mexican boy, I learned to dissemble my anguish and sat as quietly as I could, hoping that no one would notice I did not like the food. , Manila Bulletin
Origin of dissemble
Dissemble is ultimately derived from Latin dissimulare, "to conceal; to disguise," from dis-, intensive prefix + simulare, "to simulate."