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Friday, June 10, 2005

Definitions for ingenuous

  1. Demonstrating childlike simplicity; innocent; naive.
  2. Free from reserve, restraint, or guile; open; frank.
  3. [Obsolete] Noble; honorable.

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Citations for ingenuous
It's a bit ingenuous to offer information to a reporter with a notebook in her hand and then expect not to be quoted. Sadie Mah, Jakarta Post
Not like World War I, where soldiers and their sweethearts courted to the strains of "Lili Marlene," and the prevailing sense of doom was misted over with ingenuous devotion to both girl and country. Jayne Blanchard, Washington Time
Origin of ingenuous
Ingenuous comes from Latin ingenuus, "honest, freeborn," from in-, "in" + gignere, "to beget; to produce."