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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Definitions for peradventure

  1. [Archaic] Possibly; perhaps.
  2. Chance, uncertainty, or doubt.

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Citations for peradventure
It establishes beyond any peradventure of doubt that they were all wet and all wrong in their reports about the weapons of mass destruction, the chemical weapons, the biological weapons and the coming nuclear weapons as well. Daniel Schorr, National Public Radio
The problem with Steve is that he looks like a liar. He is what a liar ought to look like. When he's telling God's own truth, hallelujah, you are certain beyond peradventure that he is lying. , New Statesman
Origin of peradventure
Peradventure derives from Old French per aventure, "by chance," from per, "through" (from Latin) + aventure, "chance," ultimately from the past participle of Latin advenire, "to arrive," from ad-, "to; toward" + venire, "to come."