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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Definitions for wastrel

  1. A person who wastes, especially one who squanders money; a spendthrift.
  2. An idler; a loafer; a good-for-nothing.

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Citations for wastrel
Horace Liveright, the book publisher of the 1920's, is usually recalled in literary memoirs as a charming wastrel, a gambler who always saw a winning bet as a chance to raise his stake in whatever game he was losing at. Christopher Lehmann-Haupt, New York Times
Thad risked everything, including his farm, to set Abner up in the grocery business in the town of Hargrave, only to have Abner turn wastrel and lose everything. John Kenny Crane, New York Times
Origin of wastrel
Wastrel is from waste + -rel (as in scoundrel).