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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Definitions for affable

  1. Easy to speak to; receiving others kindly and conversing with them in a free and friendly manner.
  2. Gracious; benign.

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Citations for affable
Nonetheless, in view of the fact that Leon stated in the warrant that I was good-looking, cheerful and affable, they exhorted me to make myself appear to be taciturn, melancholy and ugly. Susana Rotker (Editor), The Memoirs of Fray Servando Teresa De Mier
Johnny's father, while strict with his children, usually was affable and relaxed. Paul C. Nagel, John Quincy Adams
Origin of affable
Affable is from Latin affabilis, from affari, "to speak to," from ad-, "to" + fari, "to speak."