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Monday, October 31, 2005

Definitions for immolate

  1. To sacrifice; to offer in sacrifice; to kill as a sacrificial victim.
  2. To kill or destroy, often by fire.

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Citations for immolate
What have I gained, that I no longer immolate a bull to Jove, or to Neptune, or a mouse to Hecate . . . if I quake at opinion, the public opinion, as we call it; or at the threat of assault, or contumely, or bad neighbors, or poverty, or mutilation, or at the rumor of revolution, or of murder? Ralph Waldo Emerson, Essays and English traits
In the city of Bhopal, police used water canon to thwart a group of Congress workers who were on the point of immolating themselves. Peter Popham, Independent
Origin of immolate
Immolate comes from the past participle of Latin immolare, "to sacrifice; originally, to sprinkle a victim with sacrificial meal," from in- + mola, "grits or grains of spelt coarsely ground and mixed with salt."