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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Definitions for pugilist

  1. One who fights with the fists; especially, a professional prize fighter; a boxer.

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Citations for pugilist
I had escaped my years as a pugilist with few of the badges that gave fellow-veterans of the ring the appearance of ruffians--missing eyes, mashed noses, or suchlike disfigurements--and had no more to show for my beatings than some small scars about my face and a nose that bore only the mild bumps and jagged edges that come with several breakings. David Liss, A Conspiracy of Paper
Could it be that Podhoretz -- one of the famously embattled members of the New York intellectual world, a political pugilist who over the course of his life has perfected his roundhouse right -- is going soft? Joseph Dorman, New York Times
Origin of pugilist
Pugilist comes from Latin pugil, a boxer; it is connected with pugnus, a fist. The adjective form is pugilistic. Pugilism is another term for the sport of boxing.