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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Definitions for canard

  1. An unfounded, false, or fabricated report or story.
  2. A horizontal control and stabilizing surface mounted forward of the main wing of an aircraft.
  3. An aircraft whose horizontal stabilizer is mounted forward of the main wing.

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Citations for canard
This is just a canard that is assumed to be true because it has been repeated so often. Bruce Bartlett, National Review
Loath as I am to resurrect the old canard accusing writers or critics who dislike a popular work of art of being jealous, in Byatt's case, it might be true. Charles Taylor, The Guardian
Origin of canard
In French canard means "duck" or "false news; hoax." The latter sense of the word probably comes from the phrase vendre un canard à moitié, "to half-sell a duck" -- which is to say, not to sell it at all, hence "to take in, to make a fool of."