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Friday, April 07, 2006

Definitions for fustian

  1. A kind of coarse twilled cotton or cotton and linen stuff, including corduroy, velveteen, etc.
  2. An inflated style of writing or speech; pompous or pretentious language.
  3. Made of fustian.

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Citations for fustian
Don't squander the court's patience puffing your cheeks up on stately bombast and lofty fustian. Speak plainly! Richard Dooling, Brain Storm
His stated motive is to meet "the flood of cant, fustian and emotional nonsense which pollutes the intellectual atmosphere." Walter H. Waggoner, New York Times
Origin of fustian
Fustian derives from Old French fustaigne, from Medieval Latin fustaneum, but its precise roots beyond that point are uncertain.