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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Definitions for derogate

  1. To deviate from what is expected.
  2. To take away; to detract; -- usually with 'from'.
  3. To disparage or belittle; to denigrate.

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Citations for derogate
If someone wants to derogate from that and make a choice, then they are free to do it. Ciaran Fitzgerald, Irish Times
Evidently, in Robbins's moral calculus, prostituting one's art in the name of the foremost mass murderer of modern times does not in the least derogate from one's idealism and courage. Terry Teachout, Commentary Magazine
Origin of derogate
late Middle English
Derogate comes from the past participle of Latin derogare, "to propose to repeal part of a law, to diminish," from de-, "away from" + rogare, "to ask, to ask the people about a law."