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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Definitions for arrant

  1. Thoroughgoing; downright; out-and-out; confirmed; extreme; notorious.

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Citations for arrant
More deplorable is his arrant and compulsive hypocrisy . . . Under all the chest hair, he was a hollow man. J. D. McClatchy, New York Times
I think a pilot would be a most arrant coward, if through fear of bad weather he did not wait for the storm to break but sank his ship on purpose. Georges Minois, History Of Suicide translated by Lydia Cochrane
Origin of arrant
Arrant was originally a variant spelling of errant, meaning "wandering." It was first applied to vagabonds, as an arrant (or errant) rogue or thief, and hence passed gradually into its present sense. It ultimately derives from Latin iter, "a journey."