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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Definitions for tutelary

  1. Having the guardianship or charge of protecting a person or a thing; guardian; protecting; as, "tutelary goddesses."

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Citations for tutelary
For the first time in history, a republic welcomed, perhaps even required, the release of the individual from tutelary powers, and in particular from religious authority. Diana Schaub, Public Interest
God is perceived less as a savior that cleanses one's sins than as a tutelary god who provides guidance and help. Kwai Hang Ng, Sociology of Religion
Origin of tutelary
Tutelary derives from Latin tutelaris, from tutela, protection, guardianship, from tutus, past participle of tueri, to look at, to regard, especially to look at with care or for the purpose of protection. It is related to tutor, to have the guardianship or care of; to teach; to instruct.