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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Definitions for solicitous

  1. Manifesting or expressing care or concern.
  2. Full of anxiety or concern; apprehensive.
  3. Extremely careful; meticulous.

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Citations for solicitous
He does not appear to have suffered from homesickness, although the suspicion that this might have been due to the unsatisfactory nature of his 'home' life seems belied by the tone and content of his letters; he makes frequent and solicitous inquiries after not only Mabel and his mother but also his father. Matthew Sturgis, Aubrey Beardsley: A Biography
She was often solicitous of her daughter's feelings and intense reactions, trying to shield her from emotional trauma. Adrienne Fried Block, Amy Beach, Passionate Victorian
Origin of solicitous
Solicitous is from Latin sollicitus, "thoroughly or violently moved, disturbed, or agitated," hence "anxious, uneasy, worried," from sollus, "whole, entire" + citus, past participle of ciere, "to move, to stir."