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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Definitions for prevaricate

  1. To depart from or evade the truth; to speak with equivocation.

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Citations for prevaricate
Journalism has a similar obligation, particularly with men and women suddenly transferred to places of great power, who are often led to exaggerate and prevaricate, all in the name of a supposedly greater good. Stephen R. Graubard, New York Times
Larkin never prevaricates. He is unhesitant and blunt in his assessment of his contemporaries. T.J. Ross, The Literary Review
Origin of prevaricate
Prevaricate derives from the past participle of Latin praevaricari, "to pass in front of, or over, by straddling; to walk crookedly; to collude," from prae, "before, in front of" + varicare, "to straddle," from varicus, "straddling," from varus, "bent."