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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Definitions for congeries

  1. A collection; an aggregation.

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Citations for congeries
As the great French historian Fernand Braudel pointed out in his last major work, The Identity of France (1986), it was the railroad that made France into one nation and one culture. It had previously been a congeries of self-contained regions, held together only politically. Peter F. Drucker, Atlantic Monthly
William Rothenstein described the Academie as a "congeries of studios crowded with students, the walls thick with palette scrapings, hot, airless and extremely noisy." Jeffrey Meyers, Bogart: A Life in Hollywood
Origin of congeries
Congeries is from Latin congeries, "a heap, a mass," from congerere, "to carry together, to bring together, to collect," from com-, "with, together" + gerere, "to carry." It is related to congest, "to overfill or overcrowd," which derives from the past participle of congerere.