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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Definitions for machination

  1. The act of plotting.
  2. A crafty scheme; a cunning design or plot intended to accomplish some usually evil end.

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Citations for machination
He was telling me how he could have married the royal princess as a reward for his bravery in Bosnia-Herzegovina, where he was an infantryman in the Kaiserliche und Konigliche Austro-Hungarian army, but for the machinations of the evil Archduke somebody-or-other. George Lang, Nobody Knows the Truffles I've Seen
Alongside the various representations of sincere tears, then, are a series of representations of insincerity and emotional machination. Tom Lutz, Crying
Origin of machination
late Middle English
Machination derives from Latin machinatio, "a contrivance, a cunning device, a machination," from machinari, "to contrive, to devise, especially to plot evil." It is related to machine, from Latin machina, "any artificial contrivance for performing work." To machinate is to devise a plot, or engage in plotting. One who machinates is a machinator.