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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Definitions for effete

  1. No longer capable of producing young; infertile; barren; sterile.
  2. Exhausted of energy; incapable of efficient action; worn out.
  3. Marked by self-indulgence or decadence; degenerate.

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Citations for effete
Nor was it only the confirmed anti-democrats who thought democracy effete and worn out. Mark Mazower, Dark Continent
"Editors", he snorts. "I think most of the editors I knew back East were effete snobs who showed an acute disdain for the sales and marketing side. It made me sick." , New York Times
Origin of effete
Effete derives from Latin effetus, "weakened by giving birth; worn out, exhausted; effete," from ex- + fetus, "bearing young, pregnant."