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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Definitions for cogitate

  1. To think deeply or intently; to ponder; to meditate.
  2. To think about; to ponder on; to meditate upon; to plan or plot.

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Citations for cogitate
As she waited in the prison anteroom to be admitted, Bitsey read background file clippings from NEWS Magazine's morgue and cogitated on the idea of knowing one's exact date of death beforehand. Dewey Gram, The Life of David Gale
Elliot seems to have been a serious type, given to New Year's Eves reading Shakespeare and cogitating on the sermon preached at his grandfather's funeral. James Reaney, London Free Press
Origin of cogitate
Cogitate comes from Latin cogitare, "to turn over in one's mind, to reflect, to think, to consider," from co- + agitare, "to put in constant motion, to drive about," from agere, "to drive." It is related to agitate.