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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Definitions for descry

  1. To catch sight of, especially something distant or obscure; to discern.
  2. To discover by observation; to detect.

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Citations for descry
On a clear day, if there was no sun, you could descry (but barely) the ships roving out at anchor in Herne Bay and count their masts. Ferdinand Mount, Jem (and Sam)
The future appears to us neither as impenetrable darkness nor as broad daylight, but rather in a half-light, in which we can descry the rough form of the nearest objects, and vague outlines farther off. Robert Conquest, Reflections on a Ravaged Century
Origin of descry
Descry comes from Middle English, from Old French descrier, "to cry out, to proclaim." The Middle English word was originally applied to shouting one's discovery of an enemy, of game, or of land.
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