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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Definitions for prepotency

  1. The quality or condition of having superior power, influence, or force; predominance.
  2. (Biology) The capacity, on the part of one of the parents, as compared with the other, to transmit more than his or her own share of characteristics to their offspring.

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Citations for prepotency
The awesome prepotency of this smokescape is no illusion, for this is an epicentre of power, oil capital of the Western world and the most industrialised corner of the United States. , The Observer
Though Sir Tristram lost his record, his prepotency was reinforced at the Doomben races as three of the big race winners carry his blood. , Evening Post (Wellington, New Zealand)
Origin of prepotency
Prepotency is from Latin praepotentia, from prae-, "before" + potentia, "power," from potens, "able, powerful," present participle of posse, "to be able."