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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Definitions for dolorous

  1. Marked by, causing, or expressing grief or sorrow.

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Citations for dolorous
Climbing out on to a narrow ledge, we waving cheerily at the people passing by on the street below, until my mother was informed of our misdemeanour -- by a waitress wickedly known to great-aunt Mary, behind her table napkin, as Sourpuss for her perpetually dolorous expression -- and we were lured back inside. Mary Varnham, The Evening Post (Wellington, New Zealand)
And at the centre of this intense display of devotion Carlo himself, bearing aloft the relic of the Holy Nail from the cathedral, shoeless and oblivious to his bleeding feet, walked amid a dolorous procession of penitents. Helen Langdon, Caravaggio: A Life
Origin of dolorous
Dolorous derives from Latin dolor, "pain, grief, sorrow," from dolere, "to suffer pain, to grieve."