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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Definitions for ambuscade

  1. An ambush.
  2. To attack by surprise from a concealed place; to ambush.

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Citations for ambuscade
But so great were his fears for the army, lest in those wild woods it should fall into some Indian snare, that the moment his fever left him, he got placed on his horse, and pursued, and overtook them the very evening before they fell into that ambuscade which he had all along dreaded. Mason Locke Weems, The Life of Washington
The storm is distant, just the lights behind
The eyes are left of lightning's ambuscade.
Peter Porter,
Origin of ambuscade
Ambuscade comes from Middle French embuscade, from Old Italian imboscata, from past participle of imboscare, "to ambush," from in, (from Latin) + bosco, "forest," of Germanic origin.