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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Definitions for nuptial

  1. Of or pertaining to marriage; done or used at a wedding; as, "nuptial rites and ceremonies."
  2. Of, pertaining to, or occurring in the mating season.
  3. Marriage; wedding; nuptial ceremony; -- usually used in the plural.

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Citations for nuptial
The couple entered the town of Chalons, stopping on the way to listen to a concert (which must have been torture for Monsieur, who had no ear for music) and then heard a nuptial blessing from the Bishop. Christine Pevitt, Philippe, Duc D'Orleans
Angela remembered vividly the mild indecorousness of the occasion -- not the usual nuptial jollity, but an oddly irreverent atmosphere, light and ungrateful. Alice Thomas Ellis, The Sin Eater
Origin of nuptial
Nuptial comes from Latin nuptialis, from nuptiae "marriage, wedding," from the past participle of nubere, properly, "to cover, to veil," hence, "to marry," as the head of the bride was covered with a veil.
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