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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Definitions for panjandrum

  1. a self-important or pretentious official.

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Citations for panjandrum
Dr. Samuel Johnson, the great panjandrum of late eighteenth-century English letters, once said to James Boswell, his biographer: "I am willing to love all mankind except an American." That remark was made in 1778. It came at a time when many Englishmen were naturally inclined to deplore our revolutionary ways. Charles Poore, "Books of the Times," New York Times, June 19, 1958
He looks at the caller ID and isn't surprised to see TONES in the window. Anthony "Tones" Frobisher, the grand high panjandrum of Discount Electronix ... Stephen King, Mr. Mercedes, 2014
Origin of panjandrum
Panjandrum was coined by the English dramatist and actor Samuel Foote in the mid-1700s in a bit of nonsensical verse composed to test the memory of a fellow actor.