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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Definitions for impervious

  1. Not admitting of entrance or passage through; impenetrable.
  2. Not capable of being harmed or damaged.
  3. Not capable of being affected.

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Citations for impervious
Shipboard Internet communications will not be ubiquitous for several years, in part because it is expensive and complicated to rewire ships, and in part because the companies want systems that are impervious to such potential Internet problems as hackers, software viruses and pornography. Peter H. Lewis, New York Times
The building is tremorproof, fireproof and impervious to even the most powerful tornado. Michael D'Antonio, New York Times Magazine
Origin of impervious
Impervious comes from Latin impervius, from in-, "not" + pervius, with a way through, hence penetrable, from per-, through + via, way.