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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Definitions for perfervid

  1. Ardent; impassioned; marked by exaggerated or overwrought emotion.

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Citations for perfervid
Good movies evaporate, while the market is flooded with inanity. Critics can't do much to stop this, but when you read perfervid reviews of the latest commercial offerings it's plain that they do little to cool things down. Armond White, New York Press
Years ago Philip Roth published a perspicacious essay on the pitfalls of writing satire, the gist of which was that the daily absurdities in our morning newspapers too often outdid even a novelist's most perfervid imaginings. Mordecai Richler, New York Times
Origin of perfervid
Perfervid is from Latin per-, "through, thoroughly" + fervidus, "boiling," from fervere, "to boil."