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Friday, December 07, 2007

Definitions for surly

  1. Ill-humored; churlish in manner or mood; sullen and gruff.
  2. Menacing or threatening in appearance, as of weather conditions; ominous.

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Citations for surly
Voters may be turned off by candidates who play dirty, but nothing gets a campaign reporter going like the smell of blood on the trail. Part of it has to do with boredom: journalists can only listen for so long to a candidate blather on about "a world of possibilities guided by goodness" before they get surly. Michelle Cottle, New Republic
Maggie drank a little too much and got surly and made snide comments during the final toast. John L'Heureux, Having Everything
Origin of surly
Surly is from Middle English sirly, "lordly," from sir, "lord," which eventually came to mean "arrogant or haughty," whence the more negative modern sense.