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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Definitions for hermitage

  1. The habitation of a hermit or group of hermits.
  2. A monastery or abbey.
  3. A secluded residence; a retreat; a hideaway.

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Citations for hermitage
She had left her father's surviving subjects to manage as best they could and climbed even higher in search of the lonely sanctity she had always craved. Now Rose requested her to keep an eye open for the twins who would pass within a few miles of her abandoned hermitage. Alice Thomas Ellis, The Sin Eater
When it grows cold, we return to the hermitage where I am ending my days. Christophe Bataille, Hourmaster (translated by Richard Howard)
Origin of hermitage
Hermitage is from Old French hermitage, from heremite, "hermit," ultimately from Greek eremites, "dwelling in the desert," from eremia, "desert," from eremos, "solitary; desolate."