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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Definitions for effusive

  1. Excessively demonstrative; giving or involving extravagant or excessive emotional expression; gushing.

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Citations for effusive
His speeches are embarrassingly effusive; treacle drips from their pages: "I yield to none in my admiration for our teachers, doctors, nurses and police . . . Our public servants are the best in the world, and when given the leadership and investment they need, they achieve world-class standards." Mary Ann Sieghart, Times (London)
The effusive praise of critics has no doubt bolstered Beowulf's popularity. Brendan I. Koerner, U.S. News
Origin of effusive
Effusive, at root meaning "pouring out," comes from Latin effusus, past participle of effundere, "to pour out," from ex-, "out" + fundere, "to pour."