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Monday, February 04, 2008

Definitions for magniloquent

  1. Lofty or grandiose in speech or expression; using a high-flown style of discourse; bombastic.
  2. speaking or expressed in a lofty or grandiose style; pompous; bombastic; boastful.

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Citations for magniloquent
His magniloquent western name was the moral umbrella upon which he balanced the fine problem of his finances. He was widely respected. James Joyce, "A Mother," Dubliners, 1914
Though in many natural objects, whiteness refiningly enhances beauty, as if imparting some special virtue of its own, as in marbles, japonicas, and pearls; and though various nations have in some way recognised a certain royal pre-eminence in this hue; even the barbaric, grand old kings of Pegu placing the title “Lord of the White Elephants” above all their other magniloquent ascriptions of dominion... Herman Melville, Moby Dick, 1851
Origin of magniloquent
Magniloquent entered English in the mid-1600s and finds its roots in the Latin magniloquus meaning "speaking grandly."