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Friday, March 07, 2008

Definitions for cabal

  1. A secret, conspiratorial association of plotters or intriguers whose purpose is usually to bring about an overturn especially in public affairs.
  2. The schemes or plots of such an association.
  3. To form a cabal; to conspire; to intrigue; to plot.

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Citations for cabal
If you constantly disagreed with Winters, he wrote you out of his cabal, his conspiracy against the poetry establishment. Richard Elman, Namedropping: Mostly Literary Memoirs
My father always had been a collector. There were the stamps, National Geographics, scrapbooks filled with his favorite political cartoons, and booklets justifying his belief that the world was under the control of a global cabal of elites unified by such organizations as the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Freemasons. Frederick Kempe, Father/Land
Origin of cabal
Cabal derives from Medieval Latin cabala, a transliteration of Hebrew qabbalah, "received," hence "traditional, lore," from qabal, "to receive." The evolution in sense is: "(secret) tradition, secret, secret plots or intrigues, secret meeting, secret meeters, a group of plotters or intriguers."
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