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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Definitions for remunerate

  1. To pay an equivalent to for any service, loss, or expense; to recompense.
  2. To compensate for; to make payment for.

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Citations for remunerate
Not to suggest that our bosses remunerate us for our high moral standards, but creative bureaucrats at Mesa City Hall have invented a new fund from tax revenue that sets up a $20,000 account for each virtuous City Council member. Art Thomason, Arizona Republic
The plaintiff could therefore only recover payment for her services if there was evidence of an implied or express contract by the business of which he was a partner (or by the plaintiff personally) to remunerate her for the work which she had done. Kate O'Hanlon, Independent
Origin of remunerate
Remunerate comes from Latin remunerari, "to reward," from re-, "back, again" + munerari, "to give, to present," from munus, "a gift."