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Friday, April 04, 2008

Definitions for ostentation

  1. Excessive or pretentious display; boastful showiness.

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Citations for ostentation
In a city where the wealthy are known for ostentation, many are now buying low-profile economy cars to fool kidnappers and thieves. Anthony Faiola, Washington Post
After his marriage, when Francis finally had enough money to indulge his tastes, his extravagance and ostentation in matters of dress frequently occasioned comment. Lisa Jardine and Alan Stewart, Hostage to Fortune
Origin of ostentation
late Middle English
Ostentation comes from Latin ostentatio, ostentation-, from ostentare, "to display," frequentative of ostendere, "to hold out, to show," from ob-, obs-, "in front of, before," + tendere, "to stretch, to stretch out, to present."
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