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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Definitions for forlorn

  1. Sad and lonely because deserted, abandoned, or lost.
  2. Bereft; forsaken.
  3. Wretched or pitiful in appearance or condition.

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Citations for forlorn
Henry had felt guilty at abandoning his sister; he had married not once but twice, leaving Rose forlorn. Anita Brookner, Visitors
In these forlorn regions of unknowable dreary space, this reservoir of frost and snow, where firm fields of ice, the accumulation of centuries of winters, glazed in Alpine heights above heights, surround the pole, and concentre the multiplied rigours of extreme cold. Francis Spufford, I May Be Some Time: Ice and the English Imagination
Origin of forlorn
Forlorn comes from Old English forleosan, "to abandon," from for- + leosan, "to lose."