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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Definitions for mazy

  1. Resembling a maze in form or complexity; winding; intricate; confusing; perplexing.

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Citations for mazy
All day and all night, the waves threw themselves dementedly against their rocky barricade, sending an endless roar like heavy traffic through the glacial rooms and mazy, echoing corridors of the old house. Jonathan Coe, The House of Sleep
By now some 20 characters are caught in the turns and baffles of Mr. Dunne's mazy plot. George Stade, New York Times
Origin of mazy
Mazy is the adjective form of maze, which comes from Middle English mase, from masen, "to confuse, to daze," from Old English amasian, "to confound." It is related to amaze, which originally meant "to bewilder."