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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Definitions for interpolate

  1. To alter or corrupt (as a book or text) by the insertion of new or foreign matter.
  2. To insert (material) into a text or conversation.
  3. To insert between other elements or parts.

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Citations for interpolate
Twenty years earlier, Rodgers was not so pleased when, at the request of the star Belle Baker, Berlin had written a song for her to interpolate into an otherwise all-Rodgers-and-Hart score for the Broadway musical "Betsy." Richard Corliss, Time
The staging is by Peter Konwitschny, one of Germany's most progressive directors, and the controversy derives from his decision to interpolate an on-stage disruption that breaks the score at a crucial moment and leads to an additional scene of dialogue. Tim Ashley, The Guardian
Origin of interpolate
Interpolate comes from the past participle of Latin interpolare, "to polish up, to furbish, to vamp up; hence to falsify," from inter-, "between" + polire, "to polish."
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