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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Definitions for donnybrook

  1. (often initial capital letter) an inordinately wild fight or contentious dispute; brawl; free-for-all.

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Citations for donnybrook
The crime reporter told the story in a high-pitched nasal voice that was nearly as grating as the sound of the donnybrook the Dunphys' were having downstairs. Scott Phillips, The Adjustment, 2011
The mayor's race here this year is shaping up as one of the most interesting and significant city contests in the country, an electoral donnybrook involving at least five candidates, all Democrats, that will severely test the vitality and resilience of the liberal, progressive coalition that long has ruled the nation's most free-spirited major metropolis. B. Drummond Ayres Jr., “Donnybrook Ahead in Democrats' Bastion,” New York Times, April 23, 1995
Origin of donnybrook
Donnybrook came to English in the mid-1800s and references the types of brawls commonly seen at the Donnybrook Fair, held in the Donnybrook district of Dublin, Ireland.
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