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Monday, November 03, 2008

Definitions for aquiline

  1. curved like an eagle's beak
  2. of or like an eagle

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Citations for aquiline
To a page at his court, Gian Maria Angiolello, he appeared 'of medium height, fat and fleshy; he had a wide forehead, large eyes with thick lashes, an aquiline nose, a small mouth with a round copious reddish-tinged beard, a short thick neck, a sallow complexion, rather high shoulders and a loud voice'. Philip Mansel, Constantinople: City of the World's Desire, 1453-1924
At 72, he looks weathered but unbowed, his white hair cropped close like a Roman consul's, with a large, aquiline nose to match. Anthony Quinn, Daily Telegraph
Origin of aquiline
1646, from Latin aquilinus "of or like an eagle," from aquila "eagle." Originally in English, referring to long, hooked noses.