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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Definitions for obsequies

  1. funeral rites or ceremonies

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Citations for obsequies
The controversy that is to mark his obsequies surfaces soon after when two priests object that Pavarotti, a remarried divorcee, should be allowed to lie in state in the cathedral, "the highest symbol of Christianity in Modena". Elizabeth Grice, Daily Telegraph
Similarly, when Elizabethan audiences watched Laertes protest the brief obsequies given his sister Ophelia, they knew that Catholics were furtively burying their loved ones with the old rites, while publicly holding fake burials with the "maimed rites." Cynthia L. Haven, New York Times
Origin of obsequies
c 1385 from Middle English obseque from Middle French, from Late Latin obsequiae, an alteration of Latin obsequia "compliance, dutiful service" and influenced by exsequiae "funeral rites"