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Friday, November 14, 2008

Definitions for ensconced

  1. sheltered comfortably and firmly
  2. sheltered safely; hidden

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Citations for ensconced
Determined to make the continental crossing in style, Reed ensconced his wife and four children in an enormous, custom-built, two-story wagon, complete with sleeping bunks, upholstered seats and a built-in stove. Bruce Barcott, New York Times
Hamish is our puppet millionaire: an aged plant-tub tycoon, ensconced in a country house of sprawling vulgarity, he remains the befuddled pawn of his wife Gemma. Martin Amis, New York Times
Origin of ensconced
by 1590, "to cover with a fort," from en- "make, put in" + sconce "small fortification, shelter," probably from Dutch schans "earthwork"