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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Definitions for affectation

  1. an artificial way or talking or behaving put on to impress others; pretense
  2. an unnatural action, expression, or trait that indicates artificiality

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Citations for affectation
In a culture of electricity and annual holidays, for example, to pace one's work to the rhythm of the seasons or daylight would amount to affectation. Janet Burroway, New York Times
I had heard talk that Tosca, for all the dissolute life she led, was a pious person who frequented churches with scrupulous regularity, yet in this conduct I had always suspected a pose, an affectation. Paola Capriolo, Floria Tosca (translated by Liz Heron)
Origin of affectation
by 1548, "studied display," from Latin affectationem, from affectare "to strive for"