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Friday, November 28, 2008

Definitions for eminent

  1. high in station, rank, or repute; prominent, distinguished
  2. conspicuous; noteworthy
  3. high; lofty

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Citations for eminent
Several others of the most eminent artists of our country had urgently requested Mr. Dickens to sit to them for his picture and bust, but, having consented to do so to Alexander and Dexter, he was obliged to refuse all others for want of time. G.W. Putnam, The Atlantic
Children who are to become eminent do not like schools or schoolteachers. Many famed men found their own homes more stimulating, preferred to skip school and read books omnivorously. Today's "regimented schools" would not consider them college material. Victor Goertzel, The Gifted Child Quarterly
Origin of eminent
late Middle English
c.1420, from Latin eminentem, prp. of eminere "stand out, project," from ex- "out" + minere, related to mons "hill.". Eminence is first attested 1621; as a title of honor (now only of cardinals) it is attested from 1653.