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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Definitions for bulwark

  1. a person, thing, or concept that is a defense or protection
  2. to defend or protect, serve as a bulwark; shelter
  3. an embankment of earth or other material used as a defense against a threat; rampart

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Citations for bulwark
The French eventually prevailed, and Asher and his ally Alex were kicked up north to the town of Siem Reap, where they helped reconstruct the earthquake-damaged Elephant Wall, an infuriatingly complicated Khmer bulwark that had fallen into several hundred pieces some centuries ago. Robert Bingham, Lightning on the Sun
Originally a set of largely structural guarantees applying only against the federal government, the Bill has become a bulwark of rights against all government conduct. Akhil Reed Amar, The Bill of Rights: Creation and Reconstruction
Origin of bulwark
late Middle English
c.1418, from Middle Dutch bulwerke or Middle High German bolwerc, from bole "plank, tree trunk" + werc "work." The figurative sense dates from 1577.
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