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Monday, December 08, 2008

Definitions for sepulcher

  1. a burial place; tomb
  2. a structure or niche in a church in which sacred relics are deposited on Good Friday and removed on Easter

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Citations for sepulcher
Deeds of ownership, cash instruments and currency in a large amount were sealed, as directed, in a moistureproof box resistant to decay and interred with him in his sepulcher in Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery, and his tombstone bore the inscription: MANY HOPES LIE BURIED HERE. Joseph Heller, Closing Time
I've trudged along highways with exhausted Kurdish refugees reduced to burying their children and grandparents by the roadside for fear of setting off land mines if they ventured farther afield to provide a proper sepulcher. Jonathan C. Randal, After Such Knowledge, What Forgiveness?
Origin of sepulcher
c.1200, "tomb, burial place," especially in reference to the cave where Jesus was buried outside Jerusalem (Holy Sepulcher or Saint Sepulcher), from Old French sepulcre (11th century), from Latin sepulcrum "grave, tomb," from root of sepelire "to bury," originally "to perform rituals on a corpse."
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