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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Definitions for homologous

  1. corresponding in position, proportion, structure, value, or other property
  2. in biology, corresponding in type of structure and in origin but not necessarily in appearance or function
  3. in chemistry, belonging to a series where successive members differ regularly in formula, especially a series of organic compounds differing by multiples of CH2, such as the alcohols and aldehydes

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Citations for homologous
A human hand, a bird's wing and a whale's flipper are all homologous structures, she explains, in that each represents an evolutionary modification of the same ancestral limb structure. John Noble Wilford, New York Times
Ingeniously, out of a wide scholarship, Author Heard traces the homologous development of caps and cathedrals, mitres and mosques-15,000 years in a book of 150 pages that scholars will find an interesting tour-de-force, men of letters a most scholarly little tract. , Time
Origin of homologous
by 1660, from Greek homologos "agreeing, of one mind," from homos "same" + logos "relation, reasoning, computation," related to legein "reckon, select, speak"