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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Definitions for macrobiotic

  1. of or having to do with macrobiotics, a dietary system derived from Zen Buddhism and purported to prolong life

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Citations for macrobiotic
Counselors conduct macrobiotic health assessments, discuss the macrobiotic view of the cause of a client's health problems, and personalize dietary, lifestyle and home remedy and food recommendations. Susan W. Miller, M.A., Los Angeles Times
A friend of Guy's told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "He would see Rocco being fed this macrobiotic stuff and would take him out after for pie and chips to keep him normal. He doesn't want to feed them solely on pies and chips. He just wants to show them not everything in life is about steamed fish and rice." BANG Showbiz, The Arizona Republic
Origin of macrobiotic
by 1797, from German Makrobiotik, from Greek makrobiotikos "long-lived" from makros "long" + bios "life."